Quartz Glass for Optics

Quartz glass has outstanding optical properties such as light transmission and has characteristics such as high purity, high resistance to heat and radiation.
Shin-Etsu Quartz has access to advanced technologies to produce synthetic quartz glass for optics by collaborating with Heraeus and Shin-Etsu Group. Thus, we can create outstanding quartz glass that has an ultra-high purity and excellent homogeneity.
We also offer natural quartz glass for optics from Heraeus, and have an extensive lineup of quartz glass for optics that customers can select from according to their application.

Quartz Glass for Optics

Main features

  • High transmission and excellent laser durabilities in ultraviolet region
  • Low absorption in near-infrared region
  • Excellent uniformity of physical properties represented by refractive index homogeneity
  • Ultra-high purity, low thermal expansion, high heat resistance, chemical stability, etc.


  • Lens materials for micro photo-lithography equipment used in the manufacturing processes of semiconductors, FPD and printed circuit boards
  • Materials for various types of optical elements such as lenses, mirrors, prisms and windows

Product lineup

  • Synthetic quartz glass for optics "SUPRASIL-P Series"
  • OH free synthetic quartz glass for optics "SUPRASIL-F300"
  • Natural quartz glass for optics (Heraeus product)

List of grades

We can supply 10 grades of products with different characteristics such as transmission, laser durability and other optical requirements.

Type Grade Characteristics
quartz glass
SUPRASIL-P248C This is high-end quartz glass for optics that has excellent transmission at a wide range of wavelengths. It is striae-free in all directions so is optimal for high-precision optics applications.
SUPRASIL-P700 The homogeneity is even more excellent than that of SUPRASIL-P248C, and the ArF excimer laser durabilities have been improved.
SUPRASIL-P710C This has excellent transmission from visible through near infrared, and is compatible with large products of φ600 or above. It is offered as striae-free in three directions or in one direction.
SUPRASIL-P20 This is striae-free in one direction, and is optimal for general optical elements, such as windows and lenses materials.
SUPRASIL-P310C This has more homogeneous than SUPRASIL-P20, and possesses transmission and laser durabilities equivalent to those of SUP-P248C.
SUPRASIL-P210 The optical characteristics correspond to those of SUPRASIL-P310C, and the ArF excimer laser durabilities have been improved.
SUPRASIL-P30 This is optimal for general optical elements regarding which high transmission is required.
SUPRASIL-F300 This has both infrared permeability on par with optical fiber and the high homogeneity of quartz glass for optics.
quartz glass
This is quartz glass for optics for visible through near infrared that has been manufactured from carefully selected crystal and contains a low amount of OH base. It is possible to choose striae-free in three directions or in one direction in accordance with the application.
HOQ310 This is quartz glass for optics manufactured with electrical melting using crystal as a raw material. It is outstanding with regard to economy, and is optimal for window applications with high replacement frequencies.

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