Quartz Glass for Lamps

Compared with ordinary glass materials, quartz glass has superior light transmittance and heat-resistance characteristics. Thus, quartz glass is widely used in various lamps, including mercury lamps, halogen lamps, xenon lamps, and so on.
Lamps in which quartz glass is used are employed in numerous different fields. For example, these lamps are used for sterilization in the foodstuffs and medical treatment industries, as light sources in all types of lighting, optical equipment, and in the exposure devices used in semiconductor manufacturing processes, and as lamps used in cleaning applications, etc.
Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd.(SQP) offers a broad line-up, from natural quartz glass and ozone-free quartz glass all the way to ultra-high purity synthetic quartz glass suitable for use in vacuum and ultraviolet regions.

Transparent Quartz Glass for Lamps

Main features

  • We carry out manufacturing with our own unique tool-free method, so the inner and outer surfaces of tubes are smooth and free of defects.
  • We are able to provide optimal sizes for lamps based on our own unique manufacturing method. We can also accommodate small-lot and quick-turnaround production.


  • UV lamp for sterilization and inspection
  • Projector lamp
  • UV lamp for photolithography and surface treatment

Types of quartz glass products for lamps

  • Ozone-free quartz glass products M235 and M215
    In the case of our M235 and M215 products, through doping with a special oxidized metal, the light transmittance characteristics for ultraviolet waves are controlled and reduced.
    At wavelengths of 235 nm and shorter, M235 shows reduced light transmittance of 50% or less, while M215 has 50% or less reduced light transmittance at wavelengths of 215 nm and shorter.
  • Synthetic quartz glass products SUPRASIL-300 and SUPRASIL-310
    Our SUPRASIL-300 and SUPRASIL-310 synthetic quartz glass products are bubble-free, and they have an ultra-high purity well beyond that of natural quartz glass. These brands also have superior light transmittance characteristics in ranges from vacuum ultraviolet to infrared. SUPRASIL-300 is synthetic quartz glass with no OH base, while SUPRASIL-310 is synthetic quartz glass containing OH base at approximately 250 ppm.
  • Natural quartz glass products HERALUX, HLQ210, and HLQ270
    HERALUX is a liquid-type natural quartz glass product made by oxyhydrogen flame melting, and HLQ210 and HLQ270 are non-liquid-type natural quartz glass products made by electrical melting. Especially, HLQ270 is a high purity natural quartz glass product for lamps from which metallic impurities (and especially alkali metals) have been removed using a special refining process.
Category Grade OH Content (ppm) Characteristics Shape
Ozone-Free Quartz Glass M215
M215 shows reduced light transmittance of 50% or less at wavelengths of 215 nm and shorter, while M235 has 50% or less reduced light transmittance at wavelengths of 235 nm and shorter. Tube
Synthetic Quartz Glass SUPRASIL-300 <1 An ultra-pure product, without any bubbles or foreign matter. Its transmittance characteristics are superior especially at vacuum ultraviolet wavelengths. Tube
SUPRASIL-310 approx.
Tube, Plate
Natural Quartz Glass HERALUX approx.
This shows superior transmittance characteristics at wavelengths of 200 nm and above. Tube, Plate, Rod

Measured Transmission

Figure 1: SUPRASIL-300, SUPRASIL-310
Figure 2: M235, M382
M235, M382

Reference data for a sample with 2 mm thickness and mirror-surface finishing

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