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Fluosil Preform

Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd. imports and sells the Fluosil brand of specialty fiber-use quartz preform—employed in UV laser and IR laser transmissions, etc.—made by the German company, Heraeus-Quartzglas GmbH & Co,KG.
Fluosil products can be tailor-made to meet each application, including UV or IR transmissions, spectroscopy and high power transmissions, and the desired key preform characteristics such as cladding thickness, numerical aperture (NA), and core material properties, etc., can be arranged.

Heraeus Quarzglas GmbH & Co. KG Fluosil Preform

Main features

  • Display of high radiation resistance (high OH core material type)
  • High output laser transmission (low OH core material type)
  • Adjustable with regard to clad thickness, numerical aperture (NA), core material properties, and so on


  • For transmission of UV lasers, IR lasers, etc.


  • High OH core material type
  • Low OH core material type

List of grades

  Preform type Wavelength
range [nm]
High OH SSU 190-550
670, 800, 1030
  • Excellent transmission in UV
  • High radiation resistance to gamma irradiation at 800 nm
  • SBU: Low deep-UV solarization
  • Low solarization at 308 nm
Low OH SWU 550-2100
  • OH content < 0.7ppm
  • Excellent Transmission in VIS/NIR/MIR
  • High power laser transmission
  • Spectroscopy
STU 350-2100
  • Broad range Spectroscopy

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