Quartz glass products,
Materials for quartz glass products
Quartz glass products, Materials for quartz glass products

Quartz glass products

Quartz glass products are used in a wide range of industries for semiconductor and other applications that requires good heat resistance and high purity, such as optical fiber, solar and LED.

Since Shin-Etsu Quartz was founded, based on a trinity of manufacturing, research and sales, we have continuously pursued outstanding manufacturing technologies in order to satisfy the requirement from the advanced technologies.

We manufacture custom-made products based on drawing's specification of machine maker and device maker, and so on, using an extensive lineup of materials, which includes natural quartz glass and synthetic quartz glass, and opaque quartz glass with heat insulation properties.

Materials for quartz glass products

Shin-Etsu Quartz also sales of materials (tubes, rods, plates, etc.) to customers.

We can follow special orders for custom-made products with customer's preferred materials, size (Outer diameter, thickness, length), and tolerance.


  • Internal production system, from materials through products
  • Excellent specialized technologies for quartz glass
  • Reliable quality guarantee supported by high-level analysis and evaluation techniques
  • Global base development and global supply system

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