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-- Product Guide
The Variety of Quartz Products

The first products of Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd.(SQP) were quartz crucibles and quartz boats. Next followed, in regular order, expansion into optical fiber, optics, and lamp applications. Currently, the Company pursues product development mainly in the following fields.

-- Semi-transparent Quartz Crucibles for Silicon Single Crystal Pulling Applications
-- Quartz Glass for Semiconductor and LCD Production Process Applications
-- Quartz Glass for Optics
-- Quartz Glass for Fiber Optics
-- Quartz Glass for Lamps

Moreover, SQP performs research and development work to improve product quality and to develop novel materials.
With SQP, you are guaranteed an abundance of product types that can meet any and all of your needs, products with consistent high quality, all designed and priced to reduce your total costs. As a comprehensive quartz glass manufacturer, we at SQP recommend our products with full pride and confidence.

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The company introduction video presents the manufacturing process of main quartz glass products. (Viewing time: 3:30 min.)
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