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Organization Change of Sales Offices (January 4, 2017)

  We would like to inform our organization change of sales offices from January 1, 2017 as follows.

  Hokuriku Sales Office
    Hokuriku Sales Office is transferred and renamed from Joetsu Sales Office.
    Address : 1-4, Kayadani-cho 3-chome, Echizen-shi, Fukui 915-0037, Japan
    Phone : +81-778-27-1700 Fax : +81-778-27-1766

  Hokuriku Sales Office, Joetsu Satellite Office
    Joetsu Satellite Office, under Hokuriku Sales Office, takes over parts of ex Joetsu Sales Office operation.
    Address : 15-42,Kasuga-Shinden 1-chome, Joetsu-shi, Niigata 942-0061,Japan
    Phone : +81-25-544-5366 Fax : +81-25-544-5379

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