Company Information
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Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., (SEC) a leading materials manufacturer possessing the most-advanced technologies, --
and a company that continues on with its global activities, and Heraeus Holding GmbH, --
a world-famous German specialty materials maker with 150 years of company history. --
These two companies came together to form, in February 1972, --
the joint-venture company, Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd.(SQP) --
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SEC, which has fostered numerous applied development technologies for a wide variety of fields, --
and Heraeus, with its advanced quartz glass technologies cultivated over long years. --
The merge of these two companies and their expertise enables --
SQP to offer quartz glass as a high-tech material for the most advanced technical fields, --
including semiconductors, liquid crystal, optical fiber, and others. In this way, --
SQP has bolstered new advances and developments in these industries. --
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The 21st century brings an era of new values, pioneered by the information technology (IT) revolution. --
As a material indispensable for IT-related technical fields, the potential of quartz glass is unlimited. --
As a comprehensive manufacturer of quartz glass, and with its superior technological process, --
SQP has constantly developed and offered high-quality products that meet user needs. --
At the same time, SQP has continued to make aggressive advances in new fields, --
for the future and the entire world. --