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Company Name--:-- Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd.
Date Established--:-- February 1972
Capital--:-- 1 billion-yen
No. of Employees--:-- 394 (Feb. 2016)
Shareholders--:-- Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.(Japan)
-- Heraeus Quarzglas GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
President--:-- Hiroshi Matsuzaki
Business Policy--:-- We have constantly supplied quartz products indispensable to highly sophisticated information society, and contributed to the progress of society.
Head Office--:-- Shinjuku San-ei Bldg., 1-22-2, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan
-- TEL +81-3-3348-1912--FAX +81-3-3348-4919

<Company History>

1972-- The establishment of Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd., starting with the sales of fabricated goods and crucibles.
-- Otsu Sales Office (now Kansai Sales Office) established.
1973-- Established Takefu Plant.
1975-- Began sales of materials for fiber optics.
1978-- Established Kyusyu Plant.
1980-- Established Yamagata Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd. (YSQ)
1983-- Established Koriyama Plant and Fukui Shin-Etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd. (KFS).
-- Began sales of high purity grade quartz for semiconductor industry (Hx-LA & Hx-E-LA).
1984-- Established Topco Quartz Products Co., Ltd. (TQP)/Taiwan.
1985-- Established Young Shin Quartz Co., Ltd. (YSS)/Korea and Research Application Lab (RAL)/Koriyama.
1986-- Developed synthetic quartz for optics (Suprasil P-10 series)
1987-- Began sales of materials for optics and sales of synthetic quartz for optical fibers (Suprasil-F300).
1989-- Began sales of synthetic quartz for semiconductor industry (Suprasil SH-100).
-- Established Heraeus Shin-Etsu America Inc.(HSA) and Admatechs Co., Ltd.
1993-- Developed high purity opaque quartz (SO-210).
1994-- ISO 9001 certification obtained by Takefu Plant and KFS.
1995-- Capital investment in Shenyang Xike Silica Co., Ltd. (SSI)/China.
-- ISO 9001 certification obtained by Koriyama Plant and YSQ.
1997-- Established Heraeus Shin-Etsu Quartz Singapore Pte., Ltd. (HSS).
-- ISO 9001 certification obtained by Kyushu Plant.
1998-- Increased capitalization to 1 billion-yen.
1999-- Established Sasebo Plant.
2000-- ISO 14001 certification obtained by Koriyama Plant and Takefu Plant.
-- ISO 9001 certification obtained by Sasebo Plant.
2001-- ISO 14001 certification obtained by YSQ.
2002-- ISO 14001 certification obtained by KFS and Sasebo Plant.
2003-- ISO 14001 certification obtained by Kyushu Plant.
2008-- Purchased the Quartz business from Saint-Gobain Japan.


Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Ever since its founding, through its development and stable supply of raw materials, Shin-Etsu Chemical has contributed to product quality and capability improvements, to lighter products and miniaturization, and to cost reductions in a variety of industrial sectors. As its major business areas, Shin-Etsu Chemical performs work in a broad number of fields. These include its organic and inorganic chemicals business, including vinyl chloride-an indispensable material for modern society-and silicone, etc.; its electronic communications materials business, including semiconductor silicon-a material that supports industrial advancement and developments in today's advanced-information society-and semiconductor-production process materials; and its specialty functional materials business, which includes rare earth materials, synthetic quartz, oxide monocrystal, etc. In this way, as a global first-class manufacturer of high-capability materials, while meeting the needs of the current era, Shin-Etsu Chemical continues forward with its dramatic growth.

Date Established--:-- September 1926
Capital--:-- 119,419 million-yen
Representive--:-- Yasuhiko Saitoh, President
No. of Employees--:-- Non-consolidated 2,800 Consolidated 18,407 (April. 2016)
Business--:-- Silicones, Semiconductor silicon, Rare earth magnets, Synthetic quartz, Fine ceramics, Polyvinyl chloride, Cellulose derivatives etc.
Net Sales--:-- 1,279.8 billion-yen (Consolidated / Mar. 2016)
Head Office--:-- Tokyo/Japan

Heraeus Heraeus Group

Heraeus, one of the representative companies of Germany, is a globally active precious
metals and technology Group with firm roots in Germany, headquartered in Hanau near
Frankfurt. The company has been family-owned for more than 160 years. Precious metals,
sensors, biomaterials and medical products as well as photovoltaics materials,
and pharma, quartz glass, and specialty light sources are the focus of our activities.

Heraeus has also been involved, from an early period, in research on quartz, and the
Company is well known around the world as the first company in the world to commercialize
its quartz melting technology. Heraeus Quarzglas, the quartz business group, has
established a Quartz-Net, which is designed to ensure a stable supply worldwide of high-
quality quartz glass.

Date Established--:-- 1851
Chairman--:-- Dr. Juergen Heraeus (Chairman of Supervisory Board)
No. of Employees--:-- 12,477 (in 2015)
Business--:-- Precious metals, sensors, biomaterials and medical products, photovoltaics materials,
quartz glass, and specialty light sources.
Net Sales--:-- 1,929 million Euro(excluding precious metal in 2015)
Head Office--:-- Hanau/Germany

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